Timothy James Dickinson, also known as Between Skies, is an independent freelance music score composer and sound FX artist of 8 years. Since completing a degree in Advertising and Marketing in London at the age of 23, the Tewkesbury-based composer is now set for becoming a big name in music composition for films and video games.

Favourite music styles to compose are big room orchestral music, full-on electronic music, and sometimes a chilled out version of electronic music with some elements of orchestral seeping through. Between Skies loves to convey a strong sense of emotion in his work that will make the audience feel fully immersed in their experience, be it a game or a film.

Q. What's your most favourite piece of music that you've composed so far?
A. My most favourite piece to date would probably have to be a bit of piano music entitled 'Naive'. I wrote this in a moment of inspiration at 4 in the morning during a time in my life when things weren't so good. However, I feel like the most luckiest man on Earth now! :D